Cosi5: Portugal

Dear Parent/Guardian,
This questionnaire has been sent to you from the ……insert coordinating institute……… who are working with the World Health Organization and is called the “Childhood Growth Study”. Its aim is to promote health and well-being of primary schoolchildren and is taking place in several countries in Europe.
We would like to ask you as the parent or as the child’s main caregiver/guardian, to complete this form online or on paper, possibly together with your child. The information your give will be used to develop better health programmes for children like yours. This questionnaire is about your child’s health and the things they do that may influence their health.
If you chose to complete the online version of the questionnaire, information will automatically be saved when you have completed the survey. If you completed the paper version of the survey, you or your child can return the completed form to his or her teacher in the enclosed envelope that can be sealed or post it back directly to the coordinating institute. The information you provide is confidential and will not be disclosed to anyone at the school. The information you provide is totally confidential. It will be made anonymous and will only be used for research and monitoring purposes.
Your participation is voluntary and you are free to refuse to answer any question that is asked in this survey. If you have any questions about this survey you may contact ……insert coordinating institution and contact details….. or name Principal Investigator…..
We would like to thank you very much in advance for your kind cooperation.

There are 65 questions in this survey.